Buena Vista Series: Day Four

  An unintentional delay in writing these blogs, but, every cloud has it’s silver lining. In recent months I’ve fallen “victim” of what Coach Mau spoke of during our trip – a certain [unintentional] engulfment in the trivial day-to-day trials and tribulations of life in a complex, but not necessarily fruitful,  society. Since returning from … Continue reading Buena Vista Series: Day Four

Buena Vista Series: Day One

The Buena Vista Series is a five part blog documenting my service trip to Buena Vista, Guatemala, during spring break of 2017 with the humanitarian organization World Sports United. Along with six other amazing volunteers, and now friends for life, Mauricio & Milena Ruiz, Cameron Grassmyer, Hayden Cruise, Eddy Jimenez, and Andrew Quintana, we spent … Continue reading Buena Vista Series: Day One


“STUCK” I feel stuck. Paralyzed. Emotionless almost. Hopeful. Hopeful that my friends of different backgrounds don’t make generalizations about my race. Whether it is walking in the grocery store, or working out at the gym I feel uncomfortable as a black person. I get the stare. The stare of fear, the unknown, and repentance from … Continue reading STUCK