It’s common advice from your elders: “Follow your dreams, while you’re young!” For me, the people who pass on this advice often seem they’re talking with a sense of discontent – maybe even with a whisper of regret.

At the end of the day, we, the majority anyway, seem to fall victim of circumstance, not in a terrible way, but occasionally we just loose sight of what our vision once was. It’s fascinating just to take a step back once in a while and look at the larger perspective; the route in which got you to where you are today. I’ve recently started to believe more and more in the proverb: Everything happens for a reason. So looking back at the events (both positive ones and negative) that have shaped my present-self, I often find myself proud, to the point that with every trial I may face, I embrace it, as I believe it will shape a better future version of myself.

Unfortunately, or fortunately – depending your viewpoint, getting caught up in “Life” may put you on a completely different path to the one that you have once envisioned for yourself. I know many friends, both in the UK and US, that’ve pursued their dreams only to get sidetracked with “Life”. At the end of the day dreaming doesn’t pay the bills, does it! Many of you who know me know that since I’ve been able to walk my aspirations have been to become a professional soccer (yes, I said soccer!) player. And this is still a dream of mine, but we’ll leave it at that, for now anyway. The optimism I was once filled to the brim with has seemed to vacate me bit by bit as I’ve grown older. Yes, I’ve become more knowledgeable about the game, I’ve improved as the years have gone on also, and I’ve also became more realistic to my ability level, and I’m sure that is the same with any realm in which your dream exists. The thought I ponder is, is there a way in which you can balance this necessary optimism with the realism that you will no doubt encounter along the way? I don’t have the answer. I do however find it intriguing that many people seem to let the dreams slip away from them, and more often than not, are too late to recognize this and thus too late to act upon it.

I unequivocally believe a positive and optimistic dream-chaser will stand a superior chance than the realist. But, being a self-confessed realist, I wonder; how should we go about our daily life with the responsibilities of the present day, the responsibilities to your dream, and the responsibility to you have to your future-self if that dream potentially fails you?

It’s been a prevalent thought throughout the last seven years of my life, as three knee surgeries – totaling nearly twenty-six months out of the game between the key development ages of fifteen and eighteen forced me to look into higher education as a plan-B. Fortunately it brought me to the United States and Jacksonville University, where my dream of playing professionally still burns inside of me, but with other dreams burning as brightly, if not brighter, alongside it. So which dreams do I pursue? I don’t believe I should have to choose, all I can do is give my all to any which moment I find myself in that may get me there, wherever “there” is!

So, Dreams vs. Life. What are your thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Great post, Jack!
    I agree that life does indeed take over eventually, whether that is a negative depends on the individual! With that, everyone grows older, and dreams also change with maturity. It does not necessarily mean one has, “given up” on the path that they were originally taking! As long as one wakes up motivated, and falls asleep content, you are doing far better than most!


    1. Thanks for the message mate. I like your take on ‘waking up motivated & falling asleep content!’ Love hearing feedback so keep it coming my man. And thanks again for reading!


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