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Jack Burns

“Well, firstly, I want to thank you guys for even getting this far into our blog, and taking the time to read what we have to share. The idea of this blog began as a romantic one, but as time advanced I felt more and more obliged, not to our readers, but to ourselves, to practice what we preach; if you feel so passionately about something, why hold back? Take the initiative, and inspire!

I’m new to the blogging scene, and a novice writer at best, so bare with me if things don’t seem to flow too well, or if my grammar isn’t sufficient!

So, a little about me… Well I’m a twenty-two year-old student-athlete at Jacksonville University and entering my senior year. I, like Sable, am majoring in Sport Management, with additional minors in Marketing and Kinesiology. A British native, hailing from Portsmouth in England, I’ve been in the states over three years now. It’s been the experience of a lifetime! Opportunities have been afforded to me that I could never of dreamt of back home. Like this blog for example. I doubt I even knew what blogging was three years ago, but here I am writing and sharing my own ideas and stories with an objective to inspire.

A passionate sports fan, in particular soccer and cycling, I have aspirations to work in sports. As you may find out from my future articles, I’m extremely interested in development, whether that be sport-specific & technical development, or the development of individual persons, communities, and cultures.

This blog is the byproduct of a friendship built on similar mindsets. A mindset that believes there is a higher purpose, a purpose on which to act. Mine and Sable’s friendship was built through JU, and specifically our involvement with the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, known as SAAC. Our passion of community service has enabled us to grow ourselves, and I hope this blog is just another branch of our community service, and also a service to us from which we can grow.”

Many thanks,

JB x. “IMG_3197

Sable A Lee

“The best legacy you can leave is not somebody that is named after you, or piece of jewelry, but rather a world that has been impacted and touched by your presence, your joy and your positive actions” – John Gordon, The Energy Bus

Everyday waking moment, I strive to touch God’s earth with my presence, joy and my positive actions through him.

First and foremost, I am so excited to express my Lord driven thoughts, experiences, and life’s teachings in our blog along side my most thought provoking, intelligent, and sincere friend, Jack Burns.

This blog is a reflection of our friendship built upon years of spontaneous conversations, projects, and the beauty of student-athlete companionship. In between college’s finest memories and it’s toughest battles are students longing to unlock their internal curiosities.

This blog is outlet for me to unlock my thoughts, concerns, and personal testimonies… honestly in efforts to provide relativity to my audience.

Just a tad about myself…

I just finished up my undergraduate and athletic career at Jacksonville University. There I majored in Sport Management and was a four 4-year starting Outfield on the softball team (shout out to my teammates!). Some may say I was involved in way too much but I call it taking advantage of every door God opened for me. At JU my involvement included executive roles in Student Government, Student Athlete Advisory Committee, and The Sport Business Club. I was so fortunate enough to have learned from so many differently talented individuals with a variety of firing passions they fuel everyday.

I will be starting The DeVos Sport Business Management Program at The University of Central Florida where I look to receive my MBA and MSBM (Masters in Sport Business Management)

I have the best family in the world! My Mom and Dad are some of the strongest people in the world. I have two older brothers, Onell, the adventurous dreamer-doer, and Lamar, the witty, intelligent, sport loving warm soul. Lamar has blessed me with three beautiful nephews whom fill my heart with joy everyday.

My true friends know how passionate I am about serving the under- privileged, represented, and appreciated. Thank you for always lending your ear whether I am sharing my testimony or ranting about someone in today’s society…. You are the real MVP

Last but not least, to Jack, I am so blessed to have such a sincere honest lifetime friend like yourself. Stay true to your candid and fun going nature. Thank you for crafting this amazing platform for us to hopefully help others who may be searching for a platform to relate their similar sealed stories.

With LOVE.

Sable A Lee


We out.