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July 31, 2017

Burns Sits Down with Ertho

Jack Burns recently sat down with Ertho, a site promoting education & sport, to speak about his take on his experiences as a former youth soccer academy athlete, student-athlete, and aspiring coach. While Burns shares his stance on present problems within the field of youth soccer, he shares the insightful solutions he desires to embrace on his futures endeavors.

Interview Excerpt:

“The more I invested, the more I enjoyed it and I gained a sense of fulfillment from my education that soccer had been unable to provide me for a long time. My education at Jacksonville University has been second-to-none; not only in the classroom, but also on the pitch, in my relationships and interactions around campus, and on professional level.”


Visit the link below for the full interview:

Life beyond the youth Soccer Academy– An interview with Jack Burns

March 28, 2017

Sonder’s Secret co-author, Burns, contributes to world renowned Coaching platform, The Player Development Project

In the fall of 2016 Jack Burns, co-author of Sonder’s Secret, approached The Player Development Project in order to gain a more in depth perspective on the in’s and out’s of the coaching platform. Alongside networking with some of the industry’s pioneering leaders, Burns became fascinated with the research based coaching content that the platform provided. In the coming months, Burns kept contact with Co-Founders Dave Wright & Jimi Vaughan who both helped Burns find his passion in the world of holistic player development.

After sharing Sonder’s Secret with Vaughan, Burns was asked to develop content influenced from his blog, All But Alone. Burns accepted the challenge and created a short blog for coaches and educators within sport, entitled, Happy People, Better Players.

“I’m an advocate of holistic development within sports, however, I fear the component of happiness and welfare is habitually left out of the equation.”


Check out the link below for the full content, and to discover the greats works for PDP: